For those of you interested in learning more about space, the planetary sciences, and our own pale blue dot, listed below are a variety of useful online resources.

  • Want to understand how large the universe is? Take a look at this awesome interactive site: The Scale of the Universe.
  • Feel the need to subscribe to an astronomy magazine or just check out cool online content? Go to Astronomy MagazineSky and Telescope, or
  • Can’t understand what astronomers are saying? Brush up on the lingo and definitions: Astronomy Terms.
  • Looking to start learning about astronomy? Watch CrashCourse’s Youtube videos on the subject: CrashCourse.
  • Interested in astrophotography? Sky & Telescope Magazine offers a free downloadable ebook here: Astrophotography eBook.
  • Need a source for major observing news/opportunities? Astronomy Magazine’s website has you covered: Sky Events.
  • Already looking to purchase your first telescope? Take a look at’s guide to buying the beginner telescope: Beginner’s Buying Guide.

Also, be sure to periodically check out both Sky & Telescope and Astronomy’s websites. They offer an ever-changing variety of free downloadable content.

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